Meet the Wonderland Cast! 
All packages include a range of different game activities to choose from and a full wonderland prop inventory

2 Actors £450 basic 

4 Actors £650 standard

6 Actors £750 fancy

7 Actors £850 glamorous

8 Actors £1,050 royalty


Mad Hatter

Paul Goldsmith is a highly professional and talented actor who can improvise on the spot and create a magical experience for all age ranges! He can make anyone laugh with his witty humour and playful acting style. Perfect party entertainer!


Mandy Jordan is the real Alice. Her likeness and professional nature allows you to really believe shes just felled down the rabbit hole and pulled you to wonderland with her!

March Hare

Rachel Sizer is absolutely bonkers! She will have you , hopping, dancing and laughing over a cup of tea! Upbeat and a perfect pare to parley with the Mad Hatter

Cheshire Cat

Hannah Goldfinch is the cunning Cheshire Cat! She is a master of the feline persona and keeps the magic alive with her inquisitive charm

Queen of Hearts

Bethany Tuckwood will have your head! She is bossy, easily displeased and must always be addressed by with a proper curtsy! Her royal highness may entertain you with her favourite game- croquet! But be warned, she likes to cheat!

White Rabbit

Rebecca Harries Plays a charming, contemporary White rabbit with an edge of class! Her amazing costume and witty humour will stop time and create an out of this world experience!


Tweedle Dee & Dum

Ollie Kingsley and Joe Ulyatt here are the famous twins! They will use their giant lollies to bar gates, bop each other and generally be up to no good! The hilarious duo will liven up any party!


Holly Chatburn is a majestic bird with a love of children but a deep fear of the queen! She is a perfect ally in a game of croquet


This wise, 12 limb friend will most likely confuse you with his cleaver riddles and wonderland quotes! Absolem is a fun choice and will work well with any character combo


Norwich in Wonderland



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