Party Packages

All packages include a full wonderland prop inventory.

Packages may include a range of different games shown below. Party packages are 2 hours. Please note; four or more actors are required to perform if you wish to fit a lot of activities into your party.

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 £450 basic 

Includes 2 Professional actors, a range of props, two wonderland games and improvised entertaining. Birthday guests all get stickers, fantastic professional face-painting and a  small present for the birthday girl. Price includes travel costs within Norfolk

£650 standard

Includes 4 actors, 3 wonderland games, props, professional wonderland facepainting, balloons, stickers and giant lolly prizes for the guests as well as a medium sized Wonderland present for the birthday girl. (Most popular) Price includes Travel cost within Norfolk

£750 fancy

Includes everything from party package two (Except a large prize for the birthday girl instead of medium) as well as an additional 2 actors and 1 additional deluxe game. This also includes beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed tea party treats!! Cupcakes, biscuits and royal tarts up to 30 guests. (For additional numbers please ring for a consultation)

*Best Value package

Story Telling

This is for the younger kids! Alice reads her story of how she dreamt about White Rabbits and Cheshire Cats only to see them appear before her eyes! If you believe hard enough wonderland will become reality

Musical Chairs

Everyone needs to pick a seat because it's time for tea! Round and round the chairs you must go to win a wonderland prize!
additional charge £20 

Royal Croquet

Perfect for any age, this royal tradition is a wonderland must! Play against the Queen and other characters with flamingo shaped mallets for an unforgettable experience. But be warned, the Queen hates to lose!


Egg & Spoon race!

Tweedle Dee & Dum are on guard to stop any trespassers from entering Wonderland! You must sneak past without getting caught and collect an egg and spoon from behind them. Then, you must race back around the obstacles to reach the other side. But be warned! If you lose your egg you must restart and tweedle Dee & Dum are up to no good!

The I'm Late! Sack Race

The White Rabbit is very late and needs everyone to hop with him to Wonderland! The first one to reach the finishing line will receive a prize from the Queen herself for being so punctual! Failure to meet the queen and heads will roll!

Wonderland Pinata

What a way to make an impression on any party! The Queen wants heads to roll but the Mad Hatter has a cunning plan! Blind folded, Her royal Highness and her party subjects (That's you!) take turns to hit the pinata whilst shouting "Off with their heads!!"
additional charge £20


The Cheshire Cat Hunt!

This game is fun for the whole family! Find all the Cheshire cat doors and win a prize! Be warned, the Cheshire cat is the best and not being seen!


Face-Painting by CRAZYSKINS will transform your guests into wonderland creations! This will add an element of sparkle that's both fun and unforgetable
Included in all packages.

The Futterwack Dance!

Dance the futterwack and jive for tea, Bread&Butterflies and pleasantries! This all Alice in Wonderland inspired dance is for all ages and is so much fun! What party is without a boogie?


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